"When I first read your book FFP which I borrowed from a friend’s shelf, I was very amazed on the contents of your book.  It has everything I had encountered all these years and feels so very much like we are speaking the same language on the same wave length."
Jose Tang   l    Carmen Macau
"I can only tell you that your first chapter was so HELPFUL, it definitely helps you to prevent mistakes. I am a truly admirer of your work."
Sofia Saucedo

"It's wonderful, and so are you and your team. FBI has been, and continues to be, so helpful to so many people at all levels of the industry. The fashion industry is lucky to have FBI. Best wishes for your most successful show yet and your hard earned, continued success."
"FBI has been very important for me and my career. Their classes and seminars are informative and relevant for all aspects of apparel design and beyond. I have upgraded and added skills for the ever changing computer systems. The instructors are amazing, passionate and open when it comes to making sure all attendees understand the topics or skills presented. Some have become friends and a wonderful support system. Frances Harder and her team are respected and quite simply the best."
Paula Gallemore
This website provides an overview of the process of starting a Fashion business. It draws from the 1st chapter of Frances Harder’s Fashion for Profit.
Creativity is Essential but it isn’t enough. The passage from initial concept to the ultimate consumer involves many steps. Fashion for Profit is a roadmap that clearly marks each step.
This book is currently being used by some of the best fashion schools to familiarize students with many of the complicated facets of the fashion business beyond designing a line. But whether you are a student or an experienced manufacturer you will find information in Fashion for Profit that will help you avoid costly business mistakes.
This website provides an overview of the process of starting a Fashion business. We can be reached at frances@fashionforprofit.com with questions.


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