Hi Frances,

"I don't think we've ever met face to face but I wanted to take the opportunity to send my sincere thanks your way. I created a farmers market bag and which is now on Kickstarter and will hopefully be fully launching at the beginning of July with a LOT of help from you! Although it's not really a fashion item per say, I got this far with my product in large part by taking some of your classes at the LA Textile show and some FBI online classes, reading your books ,and I took advantage of the two mentor sessions that came with my FBI membership (and you personally recommended one of the mentors to me.) I used to work in a completely unrelated field so it was really helpful to have some guidance in figuring where to even start."
Jennifer Kaba/Founder   l    jkaba@cabaggage.com   l    Los Angeles
Kickstarter: http://kck.st/25ckZUi    l    Website: www.cabaggage.com

"I attended the Fabric and Trim show in Miami the last two days, and wanted to say thank you very much for sharing your wealth of knowledge on the industry. You have answered so many questions that I have had. I learned so much and am excited to put it into practice."
Dana Yurglich   l    Yaqar International LLC  

This website provides an overview of the process of starting a Fashion business. It draws from the 1st chapter of Frances Harder’s Fashion for Profit.

Creativity is Essential but it isn’t enough. The passage from initial concept to the ultimate consumer involves many steps. Fashion for Profit is a roadmap that clearly marks each step.
This book is currently being used by some of the best fashion schools to familiarize students with many of the complicated facets of the fashion business beyond designing a line. But whether you are a student or an experienced manufacturer you will find information in Fashion for Profit that will help you avoid costly business mistakes.
This website provides an overview of the process of starting a Fashion business. We can be reached at frances@fashionforprofit.com with questions.


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