A Love Letter to Fashion by Daniella Platt

Frances, you are a fashion industry icon. It’s an honor to share on your blog!   Nearly 20 years ago, I asked you for advice in the fashion business. Your answer? “Buy my book.” So, I did, Fashion for Profit. 

After a personal life earthquake, motherhood, I took the leap to become a Concept – to – Market Strategist, guiding people with an idea on how to bring it to life, through workshops and 1-on-1. 

Guess what I uncovered along the journey? The ah-ha moments happened when I gave tips on how to sell, scripts to get a YES, tools to get ‘in,’ and land ‘the’ appointment, essentially training people on sales to win their deal and help them soar.  Thank You’s were coming in with proven success stories, people’s businesses and lives we’re being transformed.  

So, like you, I wrote the book on it!  Looking Good, Ten Commandments To Be A Sales Rockstar and Fashion Startup Playbook debuted on Amazon and became a best – seller on its launch day. As happy as that makes me, it also gives a way to share this goldmine of information that has been accumulated through years upon years of grit, excitement, and some (okay, lots of) tears. Here’s the book.   

Seeing people struggle to open doors, hearing people want to start or grow a line but not know how, I realized these tools are not to be kept to myself, they not secrets, they need to be shared.   


Growing up, my mom would ask, “Can we go to Lord & Taylor today?” My response each time? “Sure. Let’s go shopping!” Searching racks of clothing and trying-on was the ultimate day. 

On the other hand, my dad would often hide his laughter from the precocious commentaries, “Daniella, one day you’re going to pay for your wise cracks!” He’d always add that everything I had to say was punchy and fierce. I did like to get my way. Hopefully, everything I have to say now is punchy, fierce, and valuable!

All these years later, that same wit and a faithful upbringing in the local Lord & Taylor have unsurprisingly led me to New York advertising havens where I had the opportunity to enter the advertising and media world on the ground floor. 

The world was a different place. At the time, Procter & Gamble’s Duncan Hines, Hawaiian Punch, and Folgers Coffee were my first clients. Moist cake and fruit punch are a big business! Visa International led a global campaign to let the world know, you can access local currency via a local ATM, yet it feels so obvious today and the campaign is dated.  We launched Mont Blanc jewelry and accessories too, it’s more than pens! 

During this time at NY’s ad agencies, I did finally have a gratifying moment telling my dad “they pay me now for my wise-cracks!” 

Do you recall George magazine? It was started by John F. Kennedy Jr. and it was the head of sales that planted this seed: “Daniella, when are you coming to our side of the business—ad sales?”  Thanks, in part, to JFK Jr., for guiding me from advertising executive to media sales and communication – an impact that lasts forever!  I migrated to Los Angeles after watching the towers fall, found my way to the fashion industry through the Apparel News and never looked back.

The point of this story is to inspire love and fun—where you are at. Fun is essential. The fashion industry, like any lifestyle industry, loves juicy scoop – and fun.  

how does looking good make it easier to bring a brand to life?

Looking Good teaches how anyone with an idea can create their collection, and have the tools to open doors and sell.   I want to make it easier for people to achieve.

The Ten Commandments To Be A Sales Rockstar system was inspired by my dad. He would say “the Tenth Commandment of Wall Street is ‘When in doubt, make money.’” I had to figure out the other nine tools, which are universal ways to deepen relationships, open doors, get your YES, screw NO and get your way for dinner too!  

One easy example to share is to ask YES and NO questions. I like to simply say a fact, and finish with a “right?” to get an initial YES. Once you have several YES’s, repeat them back as you present your offer.  

The fashion industry is enormous. I was always asked:  How to you start a collection, or grow? How do you find a rep or manufacturer? Whether you are a designer or yogi, you can have a collection without worrying about fit. The Fashion Startup Playbook speaks from my heart as a west coast fashion insider. From blanks to private label, wholesaling, production, tradeshows, market weeks, and more, I share how to break through the complexity and bring a collection to life – The world needs your story!   

I packed in a treasure box of scripts, resources, stories, and secret strategies to boldly bring a vision to the world and make sure, you’re Looking Good!  


Is it hard to looking ahead, past Covid and Quarantine. What’s next? I do know when we get to the other side, it will be good.  Don’t go solo. You need people to hold you to a higher standard and take you on the road to your best stuff.   

If you would like 3 Tips To Open Doors To Success & Get Your Way for Dinner, text me at 859-359-6190. 

Coming up is a book launch party on Wednesday, August 12th and CreativiTEA Mingle on 9/15.   

Do you want to join?  Reach out here www.daniellaplatt.vcardinfo.com 

I can’t wait to hear from you!


Daniella Platt – You’re Looking Good, You As You Are.  

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