Check My Calendar and let me know when would be a good time to meet!!

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Recently this statement, or something similar is popping up in more than a few of my emails and quite frankly I find it to be supper annoying! Why am I expected to click through to someone’s calendar and search to find a time that would suit them to meet with me? In my view it is kind of an insult and I refuse to obey this new form of instruction! I wonder if anyone else finds this new age business etiquette to be an annoying, or is this just me? I have to admit that I am still preferring to use a hard copy calendar compared to using my IPhone calendar. Long term habits are hard to change. I like to see at a glance what is happening and when to plan to meet with people or schedule events. Maybe I will make a change soon as I have to admit that carrying my year book calendar around can be heavy and cumbersome, plus finding a spot in my over full hand bag is also a challenge.

“Check my calendar….” remark makes me feel a little like how I feel when people are late for a scheduled meeting with me. This is another of my pet peeves that often makes me think that those who are late think that their time is more valuable than mine. I realize that we can all get caught in traffic congestion especially in the LA area. However, I am one of those that is at the airport two hour prior to a domestic departure. I prefer to get there and then relax and get my Starbucks! It is the same with any scheduled appointment I have, I plan to be there earlier rather than turn up late.

Anyway, I digress from my blog topic of being asked to check someone’s calendar to find a good time for THEM to meet with me. I for one won’t be doing this so please don’t ask me to!!

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