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Katherine Schildmeyer Joined June 28, 2019
Katherine Schildmeyer
Area of expertise
Financial, Design - Technical Designer- Product Development- Merchandising, Pattern Maker – Sampling, Sales and Marketing, Business Planning, Labels – Buttons and Findings, Textile Sourcing
Business Address 1
9553 S. Indian Ridge Dr. Sandy Ut. 84092
Business Address 2
5104 SE 87th ave. Portland Or. 97266
Biographical Info
Freelance Fashion Designer & Business Consultant. Katy has a unique blend of experience in design, production, and consumer sales/marketing. Katy has run her own street fair booth in Portland Oregon. Items designed used repurposed textiles, and findings, way before its was sustainable. (1995-2000). She ran this booth for 5 years when she was 18, While gaining a degree in graphic design. She proceeded to work for Nordstrom for over a decade. Managing failing departments that needed a new approach to become successful in sales. In some cases seeing over a 40% increase in 1 year. Katy has also worked with private label and E-commerce. Focusing on the product knowledge and educating clients on cost, sales planning, event planning, and merchandising. Katy helps them organize documents, and shows the client how these all work together for maximum benefits, and tax reporting. For the last decade she has used her degree in both Fashion Design & Graphic Design to bring the two worlds together. Designing is a process that requires the end use to be paramount every time. Understanding that cost to value ratio is also another important consideration for every company. Services Katy provides are... 1. Design Flats- Adobe Illustrator, or 3D. 2. Color planning 3. Technical Design 4. Pattern drafting- Depending on product. 5. Cost/ Inventory Planning- SKU or UPC planning for GS1 6. Tag, label, and bag design. 7. Textile design 8. Sourcing- Internationally 9. Develop media and graphics for brands. 10. Creative Direction 11. Client Education for business planning, laws, and etc. If you have a need for any of these services, please reach out. Remote assignments are welcome, as 80% of clients are all in different countries.