Aims 360

The industry standard, AIMS360 is taught in the classrooms of the fashion schools across the country. We care deeply about the next generation of fashionistas and are committed to empowering them.

Apparel Textile Sourcing

Apparel Textile Sourcing trade shows are the fastest growing trade shows in Canada, the USA, and Europe. ATS shows are a Global Industry Destination that provide a platform for the world’s apparel and textile executives to connect, learn and create opportunities to grow their business.

Apparel News Group

The Apparel News Group covers the largest apparel center in the country and its influence worldwide.  Circulation consists of department, chain, and specialty-store buyers; manufacturers of apparel, textiles, and accessories; as well as the suppliers of services and products, including finance, technology, real estate, sourcing, freight and logistics, legal, findings and trimmings, branding, and more.

California Market Center (CMC)

California Market Center (CMC) is the hub of LA’s fashion & creative communities. Located in the heart of downtown’s Fashion District, the 1.8-million square foot complex is home to fashion showrooms, creative offices, event venues, and businesses catering to the DTLA community, including eateries, specialty shops, fitness studio and more.

Fabric Link

Fabric Link provides a platform to promote health or wellness through the use of Smart Fabrics containing wearable technology that integrates biosensors for monitoring heart and respiration rates, or through the use of Therapeutic Fabrics that utilize technical fibers and yarns that restore energy to the body.

Indie Source

Indie Source is an apparel manufacturer and fashion consultancy that is redefining the way clothing is developed, produced, and distributed in the United States. Based out of Los Angeles’ fashion district, we provide fashion designers with a personalized, in-house product development team which includes a dedicated project manager and the best sourcing specialists, patternmakers, and sample makers that the industry has to offer.


LA TEXTILE is the fashion industry’s premier West Coast destination for textile, design & production resources from around the globe. Showcasing hundreds of international fabric collections and design services, the caliber of resources and fashion direction is presented with West Coast’s Contemporary & Lifestyle designers in mind.

UBM Fashion

Uniting the most influential fashion retail decision makers and the world’s top fashion brands, UBM Fashion serves the $1 trillion+ global fashion industry through comprehensive marketplaces in New York (NY Men’s and NY Women’s), Las Vegas (MAGIC) and Japan (MAGIC Japan). Our events cover all major fashion categories from men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel, accessories, and footwear to manufacturing resources and service providers.