Fashion For Profit’s runway productions have 20 plus years of experience producing and directing world class runway shows and fashionable events under the direction of Frances Harder. Our team is experienced in all aspects of casting, staging, producing, hair and makeup, merchandising, event planning and media promotion. If any one of these aspects are not fully understood the shows will only result in a disappointment, a financial loss, and time wasted to the designers, plus no orders or sales.   The purpose of showing on a runway is to build a recognizable brand that buyers will write orders and return to buy.
FFP’s team understands all the important steps of what makes a runway show into a successful professional World class event.
It is a fact that the trends start mostly on the streets of LA. From Hip Hop, surf wear, junior market and the red carpet, Southern California is the leading center for trends.
This Fall the FFP team will produce a number of runway shows that will high light Made in the U.S.A and introduce top brands from China! VERY EXCITING! Then we will be taking U.S.A. Made in America brands to show in Shanghai to Chinese buyers in spring 2020.