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4 Lessons Businesses Can Learn From Sustainable Apparel Brands

The fashion industry is known to be a huge contributor to waste, from the tons of textiles thrown into landfills to the toxic dyeing chemicals dumped in the ocean. In fact, Harvard Business School notes that 92 million tons of textile waste are generated by the fashion industry every year. As such, consumers have become more conscious…

Sustainability & Give Back Has Becoming a Demand of Consumers – A Marketing & A Necessity

How sustainability and give back, in the fashion industry, has become a high demand for consumers. Learn about how fashion companies are switching to eco-friendly options and are marketing themselves as sustainable fashion producers.

That’s too Cheap! I’m Not Going to Buy it!

I don’t think this statement is usually something that is said or heard when clothing is purchased. However, with the changing times, and with the new demands for all things sustainable, social justice for workers, domestic production and on demand production for smaller orders the cost to produce a garment will increase. All these demands…