Sandra Ley Educational Support Faculty Librarian Pima Community College

I’ve recently met an author who writes practical, how-to books on starting a fashion business — costing, manufacturing, branding, etc.  In fact, her books are the most often stolen in our library, which I consider a testament to their value.

Sahar Vahidi, User Interaction Director

My favorite book of yours to share with my summer interns is “Brand Building For Profit”. It’s amazing how many people don’t know that so many brands are operated like empires. I absolutely love when designers “make it big” in the industry AND aren’t under the giants’ umbrellas. Thank you, Frances Harder, for being incredibly motivational!


Chris Walker, Garment and Textile Expert in Saigon

My first goal in 2017 is to read Fashion for Profit.

“What is your New Years resolution? Mine is to read Fashion for Profit in 2017. My goal is to learn more about starting my own fashion brand. Specifically, I want to learn about the finance and bookkeeping side of starting a clothing line. Chapter one overviews the major steps in manufacturing a garment. After reading the chapter one point stands out from the rest: your first collection is the easiest”.