FFP is match maker for fashion seekers with fashion experts. We will always refer our consultants when the opportunities arise at any event where our presence is visible. We are heavily focused with China and the Shanghai Fashion Week shows which opens the pandora box for ample prospect business opportunities for our consultants.

FFP has the outreach, the connections and the platform to provide industry consultants the connections they are seeking to connect with new prospect clients.  We encourage our consultants to present webinars, seminars and podcasts to relate and open multiple avenues from FFP platform.
In today’s fashion internet platform, it’s unfortunate that we have too many entities who talk the talk but do not walk the walk.   Prospect consultants who wish to register should be cognizant of some hardcore facts pertinent to FFP.
FFP is a proud partner to be affiliated with many world-renowned fashion trade shows where is facilitates multiple seminars pertinent to various specialized fashion domains with guest speakers and leading industry experts.
FFP is continuously setting up events by inviting special guest around the country to educate and share their real-life fashion experiences. These events at times are free or paid.
Frances Harder has authored numerous fashion books which have received rave review by the fashion industry experts.
Team FFP is actively live streaming podcast with industry experts.