Brand Building For Profit 3rd Edition




In Brand Building for Profit, Frances
Harder explains clearly and precisely what
every apparel entrepreneur should consider
when planning starting a new label. She
also explains the many financial benefits
of brand building.
Companies are ultimately recognized and identified by
the name or logo they invent. A trademark can be the hottest
asset a business owns because it distinguishes their product.
Successfully branded labels lead to profitable licensing deals.
Brand Building for Profit examines the various steps a new
company should take to begin this important brand-building
process. A logo, trademark and a good story can lead to
lucrative licensing opportunities—the goal of all new apparel
Additionally, creating a recognizable brand will also allow
the manufacturer to demand a higher price for their product,
because branded goods have a certain perceived value, often
of consistent quality and fit.
When reading Brand Building for Profit, you will begin to
understand the process of creating a brand, and the many
possible branding opportunities that are available in today’s
global marketplace to apparel designers and manufacturers.

ISBN # 978-0-9727763-3-2 Retail: $19.99 3rd Edition


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