A TART – But Not for the Eating!

A Permanent Tattoo, or is it called Permanent Body Graffiti – .

Why, oh why does anyone do this?  OK paint yourself but why make it permanent? Hello!  It will be there for the rest of your life; through good and bad times, thick and thin body changes, young elastic skin to old and floppy loose skin!! My over active mind boggles at the many changes the tattoo will morph into and through.

I went for lunch with a friend last week and as I sat down this pleasant looking waitress came to take our orders.  I must first clarify that I have seen most things in my varied life time of experiences and even if I have chosen not to do them, I can for the most part ignore most things as long as no one is being hurt. But I have to admit I was taken off guard when I was confronted with the waitress’s hands and fingers. TART was tattooed across both sets of her fingers!  She had other tattoos up her arm and other part of her body that I could see where her skin was exposed. I think I have grown accustomed to, or desensitized to seeing tattoos in these other body places.   But why would a nice looking young woman choose to have TART indelibly engraved across her fingers? If you really are driven to have a tattoo on your hand then why not choose something pleasant or fun like a flower or a dogs face. It was hard for me not to ask her why she did this horrible thing to herself.

I have to admit I am a committed hater of tattoos of any kind and really cannot understand why anyone would choose and then pay to have them become a lifelong bill board of stupidity! I really have not seen one person whose looks were improved by having a tattoo.

A trend is a trend that changes constantly but if you say that having a tattoo is a trend then it will rapidly go out of fashion when it is replaced by a new trend. Like Ed Hardy you can donate those not so trendy tattoo art t-shirts but that is not an option with a permanent body tattoo. I think as a mother I would have cut my kids off from any support if they had come home with any type of tattoo; large or small on any part of their body.  Ear piercing OK, they can be removed at any time but a TATTOO!!

Just my own strong opinion AGAIN! 

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